Community Teachers & Therapists

The following teachers are experienced teachers working either privately or for the “Yoga For All” mission.

Please contact via our contact page or visit our timetable page to join and book a “Yoga For All” class.

Davinder Ojalla

Founder of Yoga For All, Davinder’s main love is Toffee (her pug) who has kept her going through many life challenges and has been her devotional meditation partner. Wherever you find Davinder alone in Meditation, you will often find Toffee sat comfortably on his meditation cushion right beside her! Yogi Toffee truly is the centre attraction awaiting a time for “Doga” to appeal to more of his fellow breeds.

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My love is teaching MedYoga, my own creation of my 20 year study of the Mind, Body & Soul connection. To me, this feels like “coming home”. It’s a true reminder of who you really are beyond the illusions of the physical mind & body. Peace of mind and the experience of the “Self” and “Liberation” of the mind are truly bliss. There is something so magical that exists when we surrender & let go. Letting go & surrendering takes discipline, dedication, practice, practice & more practice. Yet, when it is achieved, even for a second, you will never go back! My longing is to help you EXPERIENCE this for your self, it cannot be forced, strived or longed for, but is a natural enfolding which I believe more & more people are now ready for. It is what changed my world & rescued me.

  • Teaches: MedYoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Kids/Children’s/Family Yoga, Over 60’s yoga,
  • Therapies: Stress Release Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Counselling & Coaching, Reiki/Energy Healing

Testimonial – from Clare Sherriff BA (Hons) PhD

“Davinder’s intense spirituality and her individually devised form of yoga dramatically alters peoples’ lives. Davinder radiates joy – she has the ability to help, and heal, troubled bodies and souls, either through her warmth and energy, or by more targeted means. She was born to teach. Her yoga simply flows, her poses challenge, and her words coach the body to accept and surrender. Her ability to explain the processes of meditation, with its consequential releases and changes is, I believe, unparalleled. Her connectedness to her clients and her circle of followers speaks volumes. I feel specially privileged to have met, and be learning from her.”


Agnes Nagy

Agnes qualified in 2007 and since, has effectively & passionately helped many people to achieve their fitness goals.

Agnes has been an inspiration to many.

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  • Teaches: Callanetics

The Callanetics Exercise Method originally was invented to cure back and knee pain and it was discovered that the exercises also effectively tone the body up faster than most other forms of exercise. The Callanetics programme is no impact, gentle, and available for a broad range of the population: male, female, pregnant, any ages and fitness levels. The exercises can be done safely and successfully by people with health and physical conditions and certain disabilities.

“Based on my knowledge, experience and passion for teaching, I am confident that I can improve anyone’s life. If you attend my classes consistently your confidence levels will increase, you will feel more energised, relieved of many pains, strengthen & gain flexibility. You will be able to do things that you haven’t done before or not for a long time, your body will start re-shaping in front of your eyes.”


Carmen Frutos

Traditionally trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher by FRYOG I am continuously developing growing in my yoga path which has taken me to explore and study Yoga Nidra with the Satyananda tradition (Bihar School), currently studying integration  mother and Baby yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

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In my classes I incorporate aspects of traditional yoga; pranayama (breathing), asana (postures) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation-Yogic sleep) , classes are soft, heartwarming with a flow that hopefully will inspire you to take the yoga/mat home.

  • Teaches: Qualified to teach a variety of classes at different levels for both Adults & Children.


Joelle Pettitt

Joelle’s yoga classes involve a sequence of postures, focusing on linking breath with movement in a dynamic flow to leave you feeling energised, invigorated and relaxed. Her belief is that yoga is about learning to respect your body whilst daring to improve the strength and flexibility of body and mind. She strives to create a practice that is challenging, dynamic, and fun for all degrees of flexibility.

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  • Teaches: Dynamic Yoga

 Testimonial – James

“Joelle is a likeable, engaging and energizing young instructor. I would recommend anyone to try one of her classes. I’m pretty certain one class should be enough to get you hooked.”


Keef Miles

A highly experienced and multi-certified international Yoga/Movement teacher and Body Worker. He is a long term apprentice of The School of Movement Medicine. His innate passion for life, people, words, humour, music, yoga and dance enlivens his work. His classes are uplifting and inspiring explorations and celebrations of the human spirit.

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  • Voluntary PranaMotion/Anusara Yoga Class
  • Dance – Movement Medicine/Ecstatic Dance – Monthly – Friday Evenings

Keith encourages people to access their hidden strengths and potential by guiding them towards a deeper awareness of their body, heart, mind and breath, and he helps encourage them to locate themselves in the present moment in relation to the elements and directions, past and future, divine source and great mystery.

Movement Medicine

Keef is an Apprentice Teacher of The School of Movement Medicine. He regularly assists the dance and teaches yoga on their workshops.

“PranaMotion yoga is my powerful synergy of yoga practices developed from 15 years of study and practice in a wide variety of yoga, dance, meditation, tantric, shamanic, body work and other traditional and contemporary self-development and mindfulness practices – including Thai Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara (1000+hours), Integrative Yoga therapy (500hrs), 5-Rhythms and Movement Medicine. PranaMotion Yoga is a dynamic flowing yoga practice grounded in universal principles of alignment.” 


Steve Munn

Steve’s classes are an inspiring mix of yoga & his love of “Tai Chi” & “Chi Gong”. His beginners classes are deep enough, engaging students through his own unique style of movement & practise. He guides, nurtures and has a soft & very approachable style. His intermediate classes are fun, energising and will have you peacefully diving into stillness, relaxation and favourite Bob Marley tunes!

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Steve was very well known for being “highly” energetic and “enthusiastic” in all areas of his life. Following a busy and stressful career that took it’s toll on the body and mind, Steve followed his intuition & dived straight into an intensive yoga training course.

“I just knew I had to pursue my practice further and deeper!. Tai Chi and Chi Gong have been a life saver, de stressing, calming and healing me from the inside out. Finding Yoga too was life changing as previously I had to rely on Osteopaths for the physical alignment needed. I am very fortunate to have studied yoga deeper and living life by the 8 limbs of Yoga it has deepened my practice and quality of life. Leaving a business behind and becoming a Yoga Teacher has added to my life greatly. There are so many people who’s lives can be enriched from the practice of Yoga , Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Having the opportunity to guide people in their practice is a gift and I feel very blessed to be in this position. I’m very excited about the concept behind “Yoga For All” and making it financially accessible to everyone!”

Also known as “Bear” or “Yogi Bear” as we just LOVE to call him! (Davinder)


Vivien Campbell

Vivien is passionate about yoga, specialising in Ashtanga and incorporating Vinyasa flow to her classes. What Vivien enjoys most about teaching is sharing the mental, physical and emotional transformations that can be experienced through Yoga.

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  • Teaches: Power Yoga

When on the mat she likes to spend as much time up-side down as possible…. inversions, inversions, inversions! Off the mat she enjoys creating things in the kitchen, juices/green smoothies/thai curries or anything involving fresh organic vegetables and quinoa!

Before making Yoga her career, Vivien spent many years working abroad as a PADI scuba diving instructor this has provided her with the ability to teach and communicate with people of all ages, cultures and abilities. This experience working in such a high stress environment has given her great insight into stress and its management. Vivien’s other passions include photography, languages and dancing.