My Mission

I endeavour to achieve the following:

    • My mission is to create a community aimed at bringing people together in a holistic, organic & conscious environment.
    • I aim to be an inspiration for all to prioritise a “Natural” & “Organic” lifestyle, free of toxicity. Encouraging you  to saying “No” to products that are harming us & the environment.
    • I aim to make our Yoga & Meditation classes financially accessible to all, encouraging this as a “basic foundation” of life for all our children.
    • I aim to inspire you to buying Natural, Organic & Ethically sourced Food, Household & Beauty Products that do not contain a cocktail of  unnecessary chemicals such as parabens, SLS and many more.
    • I aim to educate & help you transform your health & well-being through my FREE lectures & Newsletters by guiding you to Raw, Natural living & understanding the link to “Dis-ease” when the Mind, Body & Soul are out of harmony. I believe conciousness is the most powerful tool for self healing.
    • I aim to be a catalyst for “change” and “transformation” to ourselves and the planet by educating the community to enable you all to make responsible choices.