Frequently Asked Questions

I am very unfit/overweight/inflexible, can i still do yoga?

Yes. Yoga for beginners is suitable for everyone. Please inform your teacher if you have any injuries or medical problems.

Are your children's classes FREE?

We offer our classes FREE to all children from the ages of 5-10 yrs whose parents are unemployed or on low incomes. To keep this service running we greatly appreciate any donations you can afford or contribute. See details of our kids classes here.

I am a beginner, where do i start?

Start with one of our “Complete Beginners” courses (6wks) in classic hatha yoga or a “Yoga Basics” class. After completing one of these courses you will be well equipped to join one of our other classes. If you would like a FREE class drop in to one of our Community classes.

I am confused by all these levels, please explain……?

Complete Beginners = absolute beginners (no experience)

Beginners = beginners (little bit of experience or rusty experience)

Intermediates = 1-2 years experience

Advanced = 2/3+ years experience

Open Level – Suitable for All with over 6mths experience

Teacher Level = Only suitable for those with over 3 years experience or currently qualified as a yoga teacher or embarking on a teaching programme in the near future.

I am confused by all these styles of yoga – please explain!

You can read about all the yoga styles we teach here.

Do I have to book classes in advance?

Yes, all classes must be booked in advance to reserve a space. We ask for 24hr cancellation on any classes and to honour payment of a donation should this not be kept.

What do I wear?

Just wear something you feel comfortable moving in, relaxed and soft clothing that doesn’t constrict movement. We have blankets should you require. For Hot Yoga we suggest bringing a change of clothing, shorts, vest or something you are happy to sweat in!!. We encourage you to purchase a towel or bring a towel for Hot Yoga. It is useful to bring a small bottle of water or you can buy coconut water from us which helps replenish electrolytes to rehydrate.

What about shoes?

You will be asked to remove your shoes when you arrive at the venue. No shoes may be worn in the studio at any time. Shoe racks are provided just inside the door.

Can I borrow a mat?

We provide mats and other equipment. But we do recommend buying your own mat if you will be attending regularly. We have a great selection of mats and other yoga equipment available in the venue, or you can purchase one in our shop.

I am pregnant. Can I keep coming to my regular class?

If you have practised yoga or pilates for years then there is no reason not to keep attending your regular class, until your pregnancy starts to show then you should move to a pregnancy yoga class. We advise moving to a pregnancy class from 5mths. If you are new to yoga, then move straight away to a pregnancy class. Please note that ashtanga and hot yoga are not really suitable for any stage of pregnancy, and you should always inform your teacher that you are pregnant.