Davinder Ojalla


“When all has been & gone, In truth, all I have is the Self,
Surely the Self is worth my time

by Davinder

Davinder created “Yoga For All”  in 2003 having undergone a huge transformation, originally having worked for many years as an Account/Sales Director for a high profile blue chip company.

Davinder has inspired many businesses, both small and large, private individuals & groups through her courses, teachings, classes, workshops,lectures, away days & retreats to create health & harmony within body & mind – at work, at home & within personal lives – leading to more energy, vitality, productivity, success & well-being for all.

Davinder launched “MedYoga” & “Naturally Me” in 2012 to educate and further enhance our responsibility for reducing “toxicity” in our minds & bodies. Her passion and drive is to educate society to choose “ethical” & “conscious” ways of living by being a source of education via holistic means for mental & physical health, beauty, foods & household products.

Davinder’s renowned for her work within the Holistic Field as a Natural Lifestyle Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Counsellor & Coach, guiding, assisting & advising on:

      • Natural Organic Food
      • Raw Diets
      • Super Foods
      • Cleansing
      • Detoxing
      • Homemade Beauty Tips
      • Natural Beauty Care
      • Emotional Detoxing
      • Energy Healing
      • CBT Therapy
      • Counselling
      • Mindfulness
      • Mediation
      • Stress Coaching
      • Yoga Therapy

Davinder’s Personal Journey

My spiritual journey started as a child through an incident I wouldn’t appreciate the relevance of until my twenties when my whole life was to be turned upside down. It was at the age of 6/7, when I unconsciously entered a deep meditative state. In that moment, I was fully aware of being “present”. I was fully connected to life all around me and could feel and hear every sound/sensation as a resonance through my entire being. It was a feeling I can only describe as a hugely heightened sense to occupying my body & feeling a connection to every part of my body, sensations & life around me as well as the space around it. My body and mind were now I know completely FULLY in the PRESENT MOMENT. It was a feeling of acceptance, peace & bliss and a knowing that everything was perfect – I had “Let go” & found complete “surrender” deep within the mind, body & soul. Somehow I understood this on a deeper level than what you may imagine but this was a “reminder” that would keep resonating within me as a walked a completely different path….

I joined society in a competitive way and received promotion after promotion in high profile roles. I smoked, drank, ate rich foods, loved chocolate, cakes & particulary ginger nuts!. I was compulsive, addictive, excessive, fast paced with a FULL life!. I believed I was happy but I now call this “ignorant bliss”. I had no idea what was going on at a deeper level. I had created a “mask”, my projection to the out side world that would keep me safe from the fears, insecurities, negative thoughts, pain that I didn’t even know were there.

The truth, I was afraid of people finding out I was a “fake” , perhaps not “good enough”, “intelligent enough”, “beautiful enough” etc etc. I had come to believe the “Persona” I had created was the real me until the cracks started to appear as I couldn’t sustain this level of “perfection”. I was in fear of loosing my identity/status/mask and had lost myself through the process of craving externally to fulfil my internal areas of damage. My internal world had been neglected until it started to SCREAM at me.

I wasn’t aware of what “disconnection” meant until my late twenties when I had collapsed, burnt out, physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted. I had lost my previous “spark”, love & joy for all of life. I felt numb, dull and my body was aching & full of toxicity. I needed to find answers and to understand what had caused this dis-connection deep within me. I started my healing journey not through coincidence and embarked on a journey that changed my reality. Deep within, I knew this was not how we were meant to be living. Nothing is as it seems and the illusions of the outer world were becoming more & more obvious. I worked day & night to bring my body, mind & soul back to harmony. My journey gave me many insights into so much more than I could have ever imagined. I learnt, grew, developed & immersed myself into experiences that showed me how & why we create the situations/ cycles we do. My study began exploring the concepts of what causes toxins & dis-ease in the body and how can this be helped?

Through stopping & doing nothing for the first time in my life I went into a huge “Detox Reaction”. For me, this lasted several years as I was not content on stopping until inside I knew I had reached the liberation my soul was urging me to reach towards. My heart & soul longed for peace & liberation. I experienced every emotion that I think could possibly exist, extremes that I didn’t know were even within me, clearing toxins from the physical body as I did this. Doing nothing is an art and the best MEDICINE out there. Unfortunately “being still” is unerated, unknown, and feared as the moment we stop & do nothing we are left with just us & our own mind. Our mind is the root cause of any pain/suffering/challenges/obstacles etc we create in our lives. If you don’t stop & take time to listen to your thoughts TRANSFORMATION is never possible. Also, you remain unconscious to the destruction certain thoughts are creating in your body. Your thoughts create a vibration of energy that filters down to the body. The mind then labels this vibration as an emotion. Dependent on whether the mind perceives it “good”, bad” , “right”, “wrong” etc is what causes our conflicts. It is our reactions that keep us in bondage & create toxicity in the body. Our inability to accept reality/what is. Our thoughts/emotions can create huge amounts of turmoil & acidity in the body which then looks for more acidity ie . foods/alcohol/situations etc that match its vibrations. It’s a cycle that needs to be reversed slowly, with care, awareness and wisdom.

Stopping and being still is something that is so much more valuable than we even care to notice. The body is extremely intelligent and if we allow by stepping out of the way it can do what it is trying to do. It is always at all times trying to move us back to health & harmony but we/our minds are very good at shutting down it’s natural flow/chi/prana.

The more my mind learned to not step away and stay PRESENT & OBSERVE my”Self” the stronger and less reactive my mind became. I created a distance between my minds thinking and reaction, thus enabling me to choose the thoughts I wish to energise. I could then eventually hold my mind in a space of complete stillness, no figting, resisiting, running away, defending no matter what feeling was TEMPORARILT trying to pass through me– I just stayed put and learnt to step back and “observe” it instead. My reactions and my life were changing drastically as I was changing the “root” toxins deep from within my mind. By not reacting I no longer used up all my energy in roads leading to no-where and allowed life to flow as it wanted to. Therefore I didn’t create “more dramas, more toxins, more unwanted cycles”. I was becoming more & more empowered understanding I had control of my mind. It wasn’t easy and takes time and dedication but the results cannot be under valued. Life is so precious.

All my addictions left me naturally without me trying to do anything. My energy had changed vibration. The more I transformed the more I craved ,needed & attracted like energy in foods, environments, people, situations etc. Toxicity was leaving my life in many different forms. I now had CHOICE.

We are so much more than the mind believes. Our life journey is unique to us, all containing seeds for our “Creativity”, “Truth”, “Liberation” to be manifested. Beyond our masks that cover our fears & insecurities is often an unrecognised potential. Until we take the time to seek it out we miss our longing, creativity & true Self. The mind & body are “tools” to help us on this unravelling. Understanding the link between our thoughts and what we create outwardly, manifest into our lives through emotional, physical & mental awareness is crucial.

My inspiration for creating this space is for everyone to learn & understand these tools to use in your daily lives. Yoga, Meditation, Your Mind, Your Body, The Breath are our biggest Gifts yet far too often we put them at the bottom of our list of priorities. To me, that’s madness!. You are responsible, in charge and totally have the choice to be empowered. Just learn about YOU and your biological make – up : Mind, Body, Soul. What could be more important/valuable than taking time to being & finding the truth of life/ who you are/what you are?

Living in peace & harmony within yourself, life & others is crucial for your own health & the impact on others. I really hope you take the time to value the gift of life – that’s you! & educate yourself with all the wisdom, experience, warmth & knowledge the centre will provide.


“Peace Of Mind is like Magic!!!!

Have Fun & Enjoy this space which is a gift for you all. I hope you join in our FREE COMMUNITY events to join as a community to leave this planet a better place than we found it.”