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I’m Davinder Ojalla.

And it’s my passion to inspire you to create peace of mind, health, vitality & well-being as a priority in your life.

As a specialist in the Mind-Body connection and a Yoga & Meditation instructor – I’ve spent the last 20 years transforming my life, and the lives of my clients through optimum nutrition, intuitive thoughtwork as well as Yoga & Meditation.

I offer Yoga & Meditation classes in the Maidenhead area catering to all ability levels & it would be my absolute pleasure to guide and accompany you on your journey to optimum health through Yoga and Meditation.


See what people say about working with me:


My Doctor referred me to you as I had been suffering from years of stress and had just been diagnosed with cancer. You helped me through this process in so many ways I never dreamed possible. Thank you for playing such a big role in my recovery. You are a gift and wiser than your years. You changed me, my life and my future. What you taught me has become a lifestyle and I live a different reality. Truly transformed and recovered from cancer, not needing the sleeping tablets nor depression tablets either!.

- Angela