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“My passion is to inspire you to create peace of mind, health, vitality & well-being as a priority in your life!”


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Taking control of your mind leads you to taking responsibility for the creation & manifestation of your reality. My focus is on experiential teachings through learning the art of disciplining the mind.

I believe my 20 year study & teachings of the Mind, Body & Soul are gifts given to me to be shared to all.

  • Motivating my clients through my unique therapies to assist in the transformation of various physical, emotional, mental toxicity, dis-eases & life challenges via Holistic Health, Coaching, Counselling & Healing techniques. Your mind is the most powerful  tool you have been given. Learn how to use it wisely as its your biggest gift to effecting change in both your body & life situations.
  • Conditions treated include issues related to: Digestion/IBS, Immunity, Migraines, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Insomnia, Trauma, Relationships, Abuse, Limiting Beliefs, Destructive/Negative Cycles, Eating Disorders, Addictions and much more. These indicate areas that have blocked energy flow in the body and require attention.
  • My therapy is unique and highly effective in changing the “root” cause to dis-ease & harmony in the body. This can be in the form of my unique deep meditative/CBT therapy, food detox, cleansing, yoga and/or healing gifts.
  • Available for Private Therapy, Group Classes, Corporate Bookings, Motivational Days, Work Shops & Coaching.
  • “Half Price”, “Community” & “Donation” Yoga & Meditation classes available to all.
  • Try “MedYoga” – My very own exclusive teachings of Manifestation, Mind & Body connection.
  • I am a spiritual teacher, healer, therapist, counsellor, meditation & yoga teacher who inspires transformation & change. I channel “teachings” & “articles” working directly with “Source Energy” & “Consciousness” through telepathic communications. You are very much more than just a physical form & have the potential to break out of any limiting beliefs, cycles & negative thought patterns.
  • Learn To Make Your Own Home Made Beauty Products – I cater for small groups & hen parties.
  • Learn to Detox, Cleanse, Juice and/or go Raw, Vegetarian or Vegan.

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Yoga For All, Maidenhead, Marlow & Surrounding

The Parish Hall, Waltham Road, Maidenhead, SL6 3SG

Neville Hall, Milley Road, (Waltham St Lawrence, Berks RG10 0JP

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Yoga Maidenhead

Yoga Maidenhead - DavinderYoga For All offers a diverse range of holistic therapies, yoga, stress release, mindfulness, meditation classes, courses, workshops & retreats for kids, adults & businesses within the Maidenhead community.

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